Memorial Day Target Sale Picks!

I hope you all are having a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend if you are here in the US. We have had mostly rainy weather here in Eastern Iowa, though it really didn’t matter much because I have pretty much spent the entire weekend in my office glued to the computer studying (ah, to be a graduate student).

Here in the US, Memorial Day Weekend is known as the start of the summer, which here in Iowa means BBQ, fireworks, baseball, corn on the cob, and spending time at the lake enjoying warmer weather!

Summer in iowa

Target (one of my favorite places to shop) is having a great sale on almost all of their clothing, accessories, and shoes! With code MEM30 you can get 30% off. How awesome is that?! Here are my picks from their sale 🙂

target memorial day sale collage 1

  1.  This pleated maxi skirt in a peachy-oatmeal color is a great piece for transitioning from spring to summer. Pair it with a cheeky statement tee or a chambray button down!
  2. An Aztec-print kimono for under $20? Yes, please!
  3. Slip-ons are everywhere lately. I snagged this pair a couple weeks ago and I love how versatile they are. Available in cognac and black.

Since it’s summer, I had to pick out something for hitting up the pool/lake/beach.

target swimmie collage

  1. Mesh details are very on-point this season for a subtle, but sexy, accent to any outfit. This swimsuit is a very affordable option for incorporating some mesh into your wardrobe! (Bottoms here)
  2. This bag adds a great pop of color (or many pops of color haha) to our mesh swimmie. Plus, it’s actually big enough for your towel, hat, sunscreen, snacks, and bottle of wine water.

What are you picking up at the Memorial Day sales this weekend?

xoxo, Mandie

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Store Spotlight: Ash & Willow

Customer service is a big deal to me. I’ll even pay extra for it (seriously, who has the time or energy to be treated like crap?) and love you forever. However, when you can get an affordable, great piece and great customer service? Well that is just the best!

That brings me to a store I found recently via The Budget Babe: Ash & Willow

Ash & Willow is a trendy and affordable jewelry and accessories boutique. Think  Francesca’s on a smaller scale and slightly edgier. All of their items are under $40. You get free shipping over $25. They run frequent sales! What more do you need?

Oh, and they are also super friendly. I was having trouble with a coupon code and emailed their customer service email. I heard back within an hour and the issue was resolved immediately! I was shocked. Normally, if you email a customer service, you’ll hear back sometime that day, not within an hour.

I ordered the Double Take Stud Earrings.

DSC_0445 (2)

They are a great and super budget-friendly alternative the the Dior Tribal Front-to-Back Earrings.


If you have $300+ to drop on these, high five! I do not.

I was really impressed at the quality of what I got.They are comfy and adorable and the shipping was really quick. My ears are nickel-sensitive, but I have had no problems with them. They are the perfect complement to so many outfits!

FacetuneI would definitely check them out! I am so glad I did!

xoxo, Mandie

Forever 21 Spring Favorites…that won’t, well, make you look 21

Forever 21 and I have a weird relationship. I have pieces from F21 that I love and receive compliments on all the time. For the most part, you can’t beat the price point either. But, I will also admit that as a 29 year old professional, I sometimes feel really old setting foot in the store sometimes. I’m not exactly the store’s target demographic though. But I love a good bargain, so sometimes you gotta shove those awkward feelings aside and shift through the Looney Toons leggings and hashtag t-shirts to find that gorgeous chambray dress. Here are a few of my favorites for spring!

forever 21 feature(1) Asymmetrical Draped Zipper Top  I love me some draping, so I fell in love with this top. It’s also modern, but not so trendy that you won’t get a few seasons of wear out of it. This top totally looks like you spent more than $19.90 on it, which I think is the best part!

(2) Layered Cord Statement Necklace I love a great statement necklace. It can easily change a casual look into something a bit more sleek and chic. I have plenty of colorful statement necklaces, but nothing like this. It’s edgy and a little sexy. Winner in my book!

(3) Knotted Striped Crop Top  When  crop tops started making a resurgence a couple years ago, I groaned. I was thinking late 90s/early 00s crop top a la Ms. Spears. But these crop tops are less about exposure. You’re more just using a small strip of skin as a belt! Cute and, far more age appropriate. I love this top with the little knot in the center, which gives it a slightly vintage feel. I would love to pair this with my skirt leggings!

(4) Collared Surplice Jumpsuit  One of these days, I will be brave and by a jumpsuit. For me, they are a little intimidating. But this number has me thinking I can take the plunge! I love the chic ivory color, the defined waist, and the sexy deep V neckline.

(5) Longline Belted Vest Menswear is as in as ever and I am loving this white alternative to the menswear vest. Perfect for spring. Now I just need some self-tanner so I don’t look totally ghostly.

Nail Art for the Non-Artistic Crowd: Spring or Easter Manicure

I intended to have this post up for Mani Monday…oh well. Life happens.

Anyways, I have always seen super cute manicures on Pinterest and Instagram for holidays and loved them. But the truth is–I will never possess the fine motor skills to draw many, many of those designs. But there are still super cute designs in reach! Can you do dots? Then you can do this!

Today I’ll be showing how to do an “Easter Chick” accent nail (Mine are gels, but this could easily be replicated with real nail polish)

To do this accent nail, you will need:

DSC_0440Base Coat

Top Coat

Yellow Polish (I used LeChat’s Happily Ever After)

Orange Polish (I used Gelish My Carriage Awaits)

Black Polish (I used Sephora OPI What’s a Tire Jack? [discontinued])

A dotting tool (or a bobby pin)

These steps are really, really easy!

1. Paint and cure your base coat

2. Apply your yellow polish until opaque (took 3 coats of Happily Ever After)

3. Apply and cure your top coat.

IMG_3244Now for the design! So easy…you ready?

4. Imagine a line going down the center of the nail. In the top third of the nail, place a black dot on either side of the center for eyes.

5. For the beak, in the dead center of the nail, draw a triangle with the orange polish. If its easier, use 3 dots to make a triangle. (Point side down, obviously)

6. For the feet, draw 2 dashes at the bottom of the nail on either side of that same imaginary center line with the orange polish.

7. Cure with LED light.

8. Apply top coat and cure.

Boom! You’re done. Cheep Cheep!

Paint your non-accented nails with a cute pastel. I used Gelish Ella of a Girl.

Style Staples


staple (stā′pəl):

 A basic or principal element or feature.
What makes a style staple? For me, an item must be 3 things: versatile, comfortable, and season-less. Meet those three requirements and I will wear you out until I finally spill something intractable on you and I silently cry.
“Ugh. I just got this…like, 8 years ago.” 
That brings me to my very first style staple….the Mimu Maxi Skirt Leggings. I love these. If you’re not familiar with the brand, they have been all over social media recently. The company was started by 2 women who are trying to follow the modesty guidelines within their Hasidic Jewish tradition and still remain fashionable. Best part is, their clothing totally appeals to tons of women outside of their religious tradition! This skirt is super comfy and soft. They are available in a bunch of colors–black, camel, green, red, and blue. Mimu Maxi previously had prints available, but none for now. What I love about it is that I can remain covered up and fairly warm, but the skirt is still very figure-flattering. It cuts a nice waist for me and shows my curves without being too overt.
(Excuse my dog, he never leaves my side…clearly)
I love it so much I already own 2 and can’t wait to buy more from this label (hello, cascade dress)! The one thing I was worried about when I bought it–would it be awkward to walk in? I mean, your legs are kind of plastered in this tube, right? Wrong! The fabric has plenty of give and hits you high enough that I still feel I can take a normal stride. I’m not going to do the splits in these anytime soon anyways.
DSC_0410Jacket (old): Similar here
Top (old) Similar here
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Skirt leggings: Mimu Maxi
Shoes: Jonathan Adler for Toms (old)
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