Too Good to be True? I test Estee Lauder’s Enlighten Serum

Have you ever looked at a product’s claims and thought, “No way, friend. There is no way you can do all that?” Well, I do all the time. I’m a pretty skeptical shopper. Especially if a product is expensive–I’m almost more skeptical because of the investment.  Sure, all those benefits sound nice, but if I don’t get results, I get a little sour.

In my April 2015 Glossybox, we received a sample of Estee Lauder’s Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum. The claims seemed a little too good to be true. This product is designed to:

  • hydrate
  • improves uneven skintone
  • reduce dark spots/discolorations and redness
  • smooth your skin’s texture

Full results take up to 4 weeks. That’s a lot for one product! It’s also $69/1oz. Yikes, right. For all that money, it actually better deliver on its claims.

Well, it did! I was shocked, but it definitely helped alleviate my hyperpigmentation. You can see a before and after shot below. I get dark spots around my jawline and nose, where I sometimes get acne from hormones and stress. My hyperpigmentation lasts quite a while after a blemish at baseline, so having something to help it along is welcome in my book.

The green circles indicate areas where I had some new acne; arrows indicate areas of greatest improvement.

I also noticed smoother skin texture. The serum itself is hydrating, but not oily. I haven’t experienced any unusual acne outside of my normal patterns. Enlighten is actually quite thin and refreshing to put on the skin. It always feels nice and cool.

My “naked” face–only a little mascara, eyebrow pencil, and tinted chapstick

I usually at the very least wore a BB cream, if not foundation, everyday to cover the patchiness on my chin, but I have definitely felt more confident heading out the door with a “naked” face, lately. I am so grateful Glossybox sent this sample, because I definitely wouldn’t have sprung for this product otherwise. I am definitely going to continue to use it 🙂

What product have you used lately that totally surprised you?