Too Good to be True? I test Estee Lauder’s Enlighten Serum

Have you ever looked at a product’s claims and thought, “No way, friend. There is no way you can do all that?” Well, I do all the time. I’m a pretty skeptical shopper. Especially if a product is expensive–I’m almost more skeptical because of the investment.  Sure, all those benefits sound nice, but if I don’t get results, I get a little sour.

In my April 2015 Glossybox, we received a sample of Estee Lauder’s Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum. The claims seemed a little too good to be true. This product is designed to:

  • hydrate
  • improves uneven skintone
  • reduce dark spots/discolorations and redness
  • smooth your skin’s texture

Full results take up to 4 weeks. That’s a lot for one product! It’s also $69/1oz. Yikes, right. For all that money, it actually better deliver on its claims.

Well, it did! I was shocked, but it definitely helped alleviate my hyperpigmentation. You can see a before and after shot below. I get dark spots around my jawline and nose, where I sometimes get acne from hormones and stress. My hyperpigmentation lasts quite a while after a blemish at baseline, so having something to help it along is welcome in my book.

The green circles indicate areas where I had some new acne; arrows indicate areas of greatest improvement.

I also noticed smoother skin texture. The serum itself is hydrating, but not oily. I haven’t experienced any unusual acne outside of my normal patterns. Enlighten is actually quite thin and refreshing to put on the skin. It always feels nice and cool.

My “naked” face–only a little mascara, eyebrow pencil, and tinted chapstick

I usually at the very least wore a BB cream, if not foundation, everyday to cover the patchiness on my chin, but I have definitely felt more confident heading out the door with a “naked” face, lately. I am so grateful Glossybox sent this sample, because I definitely wouldn’t have sprung for this product otherwise. I am definitely going to continue to use it 🙂

What product have you used lately that totally surprised you?

April 2015 GlossyBox Review!

DSC_0446Sorry for the brief absence! I was in NYC for the week with my husband on vacation and took a break from blogging! Right before we left, I received my April Glossybox, so I tested out the products while we were out of town! If you’re not familiar with GlossyBox, GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box that offers 5 full or deluxe size samples of products, mostly high end, but they throw in some great drugstore items too.

BTW The box itself this month is adorable!

Inside the Box!


  • Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum (Value: $60/1 oz; we got 0.24 oz sample) According to Estee Lauder, this product is supposed to improve skin texture, hydrate, and decrease hyperpigmentation in 2-4 weeks. I’ve only been using it for about a week and a half, so I can’t really speak to that yet. I will say it feels nice on the skin, not greasy at all. I do have very mild hyperpigmentation around my chin and nose, where I get most of my acne. I will definitely do a post at 4 weeks, or whenever my sample is gone, to see how I feel about the product then.
  • Julep Gel Eye Glider in Navy Smoke (Value: $16; we were given a full size pencil)  I am super impressed with the quality of this liner. It truly does “glide” right on and definitely has the staying power of a gel! The navy color I received is stunning with a grey smokey eye for just a little pop of color. It would look amazing on someone with brown eyes.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Stained Gloss in Rhythm Box (Value: $18/0.33 oz; we were given a full size)  Rhythm Box is a beautiful burgundy/dark berry color. I have worn it on its own and over a pink lipstick and it is a really nice color and I think pretty flattering. The nice thing about receiving a lip gloss is you can layer it and play around to find what suits you best, making it a little more universally received than some other products. OCC products are really high quality–so I was pumped to see this in my box! One odd thing, we didn’t receive the brush that usually comes with OCC lip products.
  • Aerin Waterlily Sun Eau de Parfume (Value: $110/1.7 oz; we received 0.3 oz) This scent definitely agreed with me more than last month’s Vince Camuto Amore. Waterlily Sun is light and floral–it practically sings Spring, but without being sugary and sweet like Amore is. Definitely a hit!
  • Marrakesh Endz (Value: $5.99/1 oz; received 1 oz) This product was a surprise hit for me. You apply a small amount to the ends of your hair–wet or dry–and style. It helps repair breakage and prevent further damage. My hair is baby-fine and dyed, so breakage is a problem for me. I have definitely noticed a difference since I’ve been using this product.
  • Surprise gift: Thursday Friday Makeup Bag This was a cute little extra; it’s the perfect size for slipping some makeup essentials in my bag before a long day at school or work. It included a 50% coupon code to Thursday Friday, which is a nice touch; unfortunately, nothing on the website was really appealing to me.

Total Value: $75+, adjusting for the sample sizes given

Overall, I would say April is a hit! Definitely received some great high end brands and a nice surprise! Way to go, GlossyBox!

What are your favorite beauty sub boxes?